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Twickenham Therapist likes this from Kate In Trainers

Kate in Trainers blogs under the name Mad Mum Runs where she talks running and living with mental health diagnoses of a personality disorder and PTSD.

She writes eloquently and honestly with what it is like living with ongoing mental health problems, and how running helps. I wanted to re-post (with her permission)  her blog on schema therapy because I think it is a really good description of how our thinking patterns can be laid down and reinforced through life,  often to our detriment.

Please read it if you’ve learnt to live with a head full of negative or damaging thoughts, I think it will really help.



Twickenham Therapist on high flying and falling apart.

In my job I am lucky to work with some incredible people as clients, particularly  women, who I feel privileged to know and journey with. They are successful in demanding careers. They inhabit their workplace, poised, articulate and on top of their game. Other women look up to them and want to learn from them. They are everything that is good about the 21st Century and a role model for our daughters.

Yet they are falling apart on the inside.

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